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B&M 70297 Hi-Tek Cooling System For Engine Oil Or Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Product Information:

  • Adds additional cooling capacity for engine oil or automatic transmission fluid — keeping these systems in the right operating temperature range increases reliability and durability
  • Black finished fin and plate construction includes 1/2 NPT fittings and 175 degree thermal switch
  • Also includes high flow 9-1/2″ diameter 12 volt fan that pulls 6 amps and 500 cubic feet per minute
  • Sized 13-1/2″ by 9″ by 3-1/2″, and pressure tested to 200 psi
  • Backed by the manufacturer with a 1 year limited warranty

Item Description

Keeping your engine and transmission in the right temperature range is critical, and B&M’s Hi-Tek cooling system can help you do it.  Each unit works equally well as either an engine oil or transmission fluid cooler, so add it into the system that concerns you the most, or get two to cover them both.  The cooler is constructed using a fin and plate design with a black finish, and includes 1/2 NPT fittings and a thermal switch that turns on the electric fan at 175 degrees Fahrenheit.  The 9-1/2 inch diameter 12 volt fan has built in mounting brackets for easy attachment to the cooler, and is rated at 500 CFM at 6 amps.

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